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Rasmussen College Graduate Receives

Kristi Waite Legacy Leadership Award

Submitted by: Rasmussen College - Blaine

In October, Rasmussen College presented its inaugural Kristi Waite Legacy Leadership Awards. This year, Annikki Hockert, a recent Rasmussen College Blaine campus graduate, received the award in the student/graduate category. Annikki graduated with her International Business Bachelor’s degree in March and is currently serving a 27-month volunteer commitment in the Peace Corps where she is working to develop community and youth programs in Armenia. In honor of her service, Rasmussen College donated $1,000 to Hope 4 Youth, an organization based in Anoka County that serves homeless youth through housing, outreach, prevention and education programs. Annikki’s father accepted the award on her behalf during the Twin Cities Leadership Breakfast on October 21, 2015.  

About the Awards
The awards were created to pay tribute to former Rasmussen College President Kristi Waite, who retired last spring, and her contributions to the College, while celebrating the leadership contributions of individuals and organizations that uphold the values and mission of Rasmussen College. To recognize each recipient, the College donated $1,000 to a nonprofit of their choice. Submissions were considered in three categories—student/graduate, employee, and community leader or organization—and reviewed for five criteria:
·        Success of team and/or organization
·        Providing visionary, inspirational, and collaborative leadership
·        Winning hearts and minds
·        Commitment to community success
·        Demonstrating highest integrity and ethical behavior

Rasmussen College is proud of Annikki and her contributions to her local community and across the world.


McNally Smith College of Music 

Internship Success

Submitted by: McNally Smith College of Music




National American University Collects Donations for Tubman Center

Submitted by: National American University - Roseville

In lieu of Secret Santa this year, the National American University - Roseville team opted to do a donation drive for the Tubman Center in Maplewood, MN. Each staff member had the chance to collect donations from a list of needed items provided by the Tubman Center.

Roseville staff and students collected children’s games and toys as well as baby supplies and women’s clothing to be donated just in time for the holiday season.


The Art Institutes International Minnesota Chef Featured in Star Tribune Article

Submitted by: The Art Institutes International Minnesota

On Thursday, December 3, 2015, Chef Amy Carter was highlighted in the Star Tribune! Baking all the entries for the Star Tribune Annual Cookie Competition was a great way for Chef Amy to show off her skills and share some wonderful baking tips with the public.  
“Amy Carter, a chef instructor at The Art Institutes International Minnesota, isn’t just a cookie-baking authority, she’s an avid enthusiast. 'Cookies are one of my all-time favorite things,' she said."
Check out the full article (and tips) here!


Globe University
Graduate’s Final Project Turns into Reality in Liberia

Submitted by: Globe University - Minneapolis

Alvin Kanneh, a graduate from Globe University’s Master of Science in Management – information technology program, (MSM-IT) is putting his final project to use by opening a business in Liberia to support individuals who are blind, called Information Experience (iX).

“Throughout Alvin’s final quarter he embraced the business project assignment by applying it to an area of the world well known to him,” said Globe University-Minneapolis’s dean of faculty, Angela Norbeck.

According to his instructor, John Jordan, Alvin had a vision to create a business that would enable tens of thousands of physically-challenged persons in Liberia to regain their independence in many areas including but not limited to, professional skills, education, and employment.

“Now, Alvin himself is also visually impaired so his work in class was a challenge for both of us,” said John. “However, we were able to figure out the proper communication procedures so that Alvin could excel.” Alvin says his instructors were great at adapting to his needs, whether it meant giving a more visual description of the material being covered or utilizing apps that assisted in his learning.

With a little assistance and a lot of determination and drive, Alvin was able to excel. After graduation he traveled to Liberia to start his business. With help from his family, he is on track to seeing his dream become a reality.

About the MSM-IT Program:

Globe University’s Master of Science in Management – information technology emphasis assists information technology (IT) professionals in advancing their career to the next level with focus on managerial and IT-specific topics.

In the ever-changing world of technology, senior IT professionals are needed to lead the charge within organizations in just about all industries.

At Globe University, you will receive insight into topics relating to IT security, information systems management, personnel management and more.

Our emphasis courses cover case studies, applications of information systems management and practical applications.


National American University 
Honors High Performing Students

Submitted by: National American University

The Minnesota metro campuses held their Spring and Summer 2015 Honor’s Night at the Embassy Hotel in Bloomington on Monday, November 30, 2015. Five campuses handed out awards to the students in attendance, listened to a motivational speech by Steve Dus, and had great conversation and dinner. Congratulations to all the award winners!



The Art Institutes International Minnesota Fashion Students Participate in Galleria Runway Event

Submitted by: The Art Institutes International Minnesota

Over 20 Fashion Students were involved in the second Annual Galleria Holiday Runway event in November.  The student used yards of greenery and garlands, hundreds of holiday decor elements, and some unique finds to create holiday-themed mannequins that decorated the Galleria for the holiday season.   Richmond Russ, fashion student, and Sandy Swan, Program Coordinator-School of Fashion, were also featured on Shop Girls radio discussing about the event.  In addition, WCCO covered the project and the segment can be viewed here.  The partnership with the Galleria is fun, challenging and provides students a huge audience for their creative work!


Rasmussen College Strengthens Commitment to Providing Affordable Higher Education Opportunities by Reducing Tuition Across Multiple Degree Programs

Submitted by: Rasmussen College

One of the biggest hurdles students today face when going back to school is cost. That’s why Rasmussen College consistently reviews the impact tuition has on its students’ futures and looks for opportunities to reduce cost while maintaining a great student experience and positive outcomes. In October, the College strengthened its commitment to providing affordable degree options by reducing tuition across multiple business, health sciences and technology degree programs. Starting in November, new full-time and part-time students saw the reduced rates, saving them between 16 percent and 51 percent on tuition costs depending on the degree programs.  
“Rasmussen College is committed to providing affordable higher education opportunities, and we are excited to once again lead the way on finding new ways to address college affordability by reducing the cost of some of our biggest and most in-demand degree programs,” said Dr. Trenda Boyum-Breen, president, Rasmussen College.
The tuition reductions at Rasmussen College are just the latest of its ongoing efforts to provide more affordable higher education opportunities for students. Other recent cost-saving initiatives include:

To learn more about the College’s commitment to affordability, click here

Minnesota School of Business - Blaine
Students Collaborate On a Business Plan for Stack Breaker


Submitted by: Minnesota School of Business

Students enrolled in the small business management class at Minnesota School of Business-Blaine worked together on a business plan for Stack Breaker, which is a small business located in Blaine, MN. 

According to its website, Stack Breaker provides “customers with a unique exhaust adapter that allows you to reduce the height of your exhaust stack like no other product on the market. Stack Breaker ® is the ONLY patented, handle and hinged design that makes your exhaust stacks shorter.”

The class project involved business students learning about the concept of entrepreneurship for the first time, then demonstrating the business planning and teamwork process in order to plan and write the various elements of a business plan customized to fit the needs and wants of the business owner.

One student from the class had this to say about the project, “I personally enjoyed and believe that I benefitted most from working on the business plan for Ron. Being able to look at a business from all aspects and potential hazards and goals has been the hardest and most rewarding thing for me.”

The final plan included all the basic elements of the plan: executive summary and company background, operations, product description, marketing and promotion, market analysis, financial statements, and recommendations.  The plan was presented to Ron Mahle, owner of Stack Breaker, during the last week of the class.

“In their final assessment of the class, many of the students took away some valuable lessons in writing business plans, both on behalf of Stack Breaker and for their own individual business dreams as well,” added business program Chair Dave Erickson.


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